New track released on Bandcamp – TotDrawerIsch!

Hello ChintzBabes,

New track on Bandcamp, its a quirky little thing with quite a complex rhythm and a bit of a tune too.  Oh, and no intro – straight in!

As always, made with Ardour and VCV-Rack, good old open source, free software.

I’ve run out of space on Soundcloud, so I thought I’d bung new stuff onto Bandcamp, where people can pay me for me musak.  Or just listen to it on one of the myriad ‘devices’ we all have. 

On that subject, whenever I hear a new tune I like, gawd blimey if it’s not available on CD these days.  How does one listen to stuff in the car?  I’m not fiddling with my phone while driving, oh no. How is it done then? With an old car? Answers in the comments section below please 🙂

Anyways, enjoy the new track!


Quipatizing by ChintzBaby

Quipatizing by ChintzBaby


New track just in! A minimalist techno thing I’ve created, just for your ol’ lugoles, give it a listen on Bandcamp here :

Quipatizing by ChintzBaby

This is the first of a minimal few that I’ve started on for … ta da! The Incredibly Challenging Third Album!

Really, I have one album out on iTunes, Amazon et-ceter-ah, and one on Bandcamp, and where should I bung this ICTA? Maybe I’ll try the new SoundCloud Pro which promises full distribution and all that.

Makes little difference, but I do like bunging my stuff Out There occasionally. My teenage self would be very proud, aaah.

Anyway, enjoy that one, and keep checking for more tracks!


~ cb ~

MoleSkyneChyno by ChintzBaby

New Album – MoleSkyneChyno – by ChintzBaby

New Album – MoleSkyneChyno – only released on Bandcamp! Not available anywhere else, even not on YouTube! Available to buy from Bandcamp, or just listen, that’s very fine too. Enjoy!

So – the Difficult Second Album gets a title – MoleSkyneChyno – and a nice picture from Valerie Taylor.

If the above Bandcamp player thing isn’t showing above then go to on Bandcamp itself.

This lot took a while, uses only open-source music software and no samples wot-so-ever. No samples! So it will sound very different from my first properly released album A Curation of Curious Creatures.

I’ve decided to only release it on Bandcamp (where lots of your friends will be buying it) because it really can be a right old faff to do a proper release on other media. I’m interested to see what Bandcamp will do with it too. They seem to be up there with yer iTunes, Amazon et al.

Here is the tracklist and some credits :

MoleSkyneChyno Tracklist and Credits
MoleSkyneChyno Tracklist and Credits

It’s fun to see the Bandcamp timings are different from mine own!

So a nice low key release to see what happens. And now I’ve started on the next collection of musical enterprises …


~ cb ~

ps – open-source instruments used :

Ardour – Digital Audio Workstation

VCV Rack – Modular Synthesizer

ZynAddSubFX – Synthesizer

Calf Studio Gear – Brilliant Effects plugins

MoggieOrange by ChintzBaby

ChintzBaby is now on BandCamp – buy my tracks!


I now have a Bandcamp account!

It took a while, but it seems I can release my next Album (the Difficult Second one) on CD-Baby and have my tracks instantly for sale on Bandcamp as well! Woo!

So here is a sample song, “Moggie Orange” from the next album, on Bandcamp :

Buy, buy, buy, only a pound!

“Moggie Orange” is the only track on the forthcoming album to have a decent name – the others will be : SlyceLyve, Ressoversal, Claesuraque, Racsykyne, Kombazynch, Motianicsh, OrcharLent and Pianpentaquart – see my SoundCloud page for the whole lot : I decided that having odd sounding names would rank easily on Google … if only Googlers could spell them right.  Including me.

I’ll be adding the entire Difficult Second Album onto Bandcamp, as well as releasing to all our favourite streaming sites (Amazon, iTunes, Deezer and loads of others I’ve never heard of) – soon!

If the link above isn’t working for you then here is the link to my own Bandcamp site : – how Cool is that, a proper URL, and that’s why I chose such a bonkers name, honest.

And I’d welcome any ideas for a Proper Name for the next Album, ta.






New ChintzBaby track – Pianpentaquart

Hello ChintzBabes!

Well, I’ve been in the studio again, and come up with a 5/4 piece.


Yes, 5/4! I think it sounds really quite fab, if you like repetitive piano like I do. Proabably sounds a whole lot better on a CD rather than on SoundCloud and tinny speakers, but it’s pretty much all there nevertheless.

Here’s the SoundCloud link :

And for those with super modern web browsers, it should appear here in SoundCloud format :

A per usual, all done with Ardour, the percussion care of VCV Rack and the bass and strings from the very lovely ZynAddSubFX.

Let me know what you think – and hear all my choons at, or the list of latest tunes on the SoundCloud panel on the right of this page under the CD-Baby link, just click on the top track and listen away.

Actually, it looks like I might have enough tracks now to start thinking about possibly looking into the idea of … releasing the Difficult Second Album – crikey bobs, it might be a goer – watch this space!


A Curation of Curious Creatures by ChintzBaby

Chintzbaby now on YouTube Music!


I’ve just found out that my album has it’s own YouTube Music site – yey!

Have a look at it here : YouTube Music – it looks very stark, just black (lots of it) and white – maybe that’s the general mood about the place these days. Just listen to the tunes and you’ll feel a lot better, I guarantee it!

YouTube Music is Yet Another Streaming Service, which is going to pay me oodles of dosh every time someone listens to my stuff, or downloads it. I really don’t know quite how, as there are no ads on my bit of YouTube Music. But that’s fine by me.

It seems that the tunes have to be “Official Art Tracks” with videos and high-quality audio and an image of the cover art – none of my videos appear to be there yet, but maybe Google (for it is they) haven’t twigged on the connection between my release and my videos! Google, eh?

Anyway – the more Official Sites have my stuff, the better, and it does look good, albeit in monochrome. I may have to start promoting my first album again, or, even better, finish my Difficult Second Album.

You can see and hear the latest tunes on the right hand side of this site (titles explanation here) and it seems I’m running out of free SoundCloud space and may well have to “Go Pro”, as they all say. I need to sell more albums. Or delete some tracks from SoundCloud. Which I really, really don’t want to do, like, ever.

So – go ahead an have a look at GoogleTube’s new music site, and let me know what you think!


~ cb ~

ChintzBaby goes all SSL and HTTPS

… which is why you’ll not be able to read this until I re-generate my sitemap and a whole load of stuff to do with Google. Gah!

If you’ve come from Google – hello! Click on any of the links above to get the super-secure version, with that lock in your browser we all look for these days. For some reason, hey ho, Google (who are responsible for Chrome giving warnings about non-https/SSL sites) – link to my non-secure version. Yes, they do. And no amount of 301-redirects seem to be working at my ISP’s end.

I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out in the end.

Anyway, new tunes coming up very soon!


~ cb ~
ps : gaaaaagh!


ChintzBaby on Tumblr!


Having got an email from SoundCloud offering a few people Fame and Fortune if they bunged #SCFIRST onto one of their latest tracks, I discovered there’s a Soshal Meedya platform I’m not on.

So, go to to see the same new/old stuff as on this site, and all these other sites :,,,,,,, and That’s a lot of admin.

So I’ve put #SCFIRST on my latest track, Moggie Orange – you never know, I may get noticed by the SoundCloud promoters and be Famous, and Rich!

Won’t change me, honest…


~ cb ~

Two New Ones from ChintzBaby …


Two new tracks for your lug’oles :

DyrnmicsenAlt by ChintzBaby

Moggie Orange by ChintzBaby

No samples, and all using open-source (free, beer) musak-making software like Ardour, ZynAddSubFX and the insanely bonkers VCV Rack. make && make install and everything.

The Difficult Second album is still in progress with the goal to use no samples whatsoever at all. No, no, no to samples. Really tricky actually, because I really can’t find The Perfect Bass Kick sound to my liking. Googling it (other search engines are available, like Bing) seems to suggest it is Very Hard Work indeed. I do my best though, and the Moggie Orange thing has a speaker-busting bass drum, pity I can’t remember how I did it.

Anyhoos – enjoy the new stuff!

~ cb ~