Latest release is “The Unreleased EP” (I know …), available at CD-baby!

This is an EP of my fabulous early works – recorded at home in Crawley, Sussex, UK in the early 90’s. They never saw the light of day until now, when I can release it all to the entire world on CD-Baby!

I’m quite proud of these songs, having listened back to them after such a long time, much better than the stuff I’m doing now (not really, just very, very different).

Incidentally, all of the instruments were played/programmed by me, the singing is me and the lyrics are by me, recorded, mixed, produced, engineered and mastered by me – on a 4-track Yamaha cassette recorder :)

Hope you like some of it, and let me know.


Also available is my Album called Selector : from day one to the very now : available on CD-Baby now!

This album represents a selector of my life’s work. No, really. Since 1989 I’ve been creating musical dabbles, and these are my Greatest Hits, so far.

Mostly electronic, and experimental, though I do try to make it sound musical.