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My music attempts to excite the soul with simple powerful rhythms. I aim to make the most moving music that can ever be heard. Ambitious! Influences are mainly anything on Kompakt and the atmospheric sounds we hear every day – rarely listened to. ChintzBaby on the net represents all my musical dabblings since I started tinkering with musical ideas on a 4 Yamaha track cassette recorder in 1989. I chose ChintzBaby some time ago, it was a nice combination of two words not found on google at the time – now very different!

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Layered Pianisimo

APRIL 26, 2023 : Layered PianisimoAn experiment into what might happen if I had five piano tracks all at different lengths, layered on one another. I think it might just have worked/doesn't sound terrible.

EP : Purple Poinsettia

AUGUST 4, 2022 : Purple Poinsettia EPMy latest OFFICIAL release of my latest stuff. Seen/heard here already of course, but now you can buy the album and/or each track from all the usual outlets on the interwebs. Available on YouTube and will eventually rattle round the world. Eventually.


JUNE 14, 2022 : CosyMaToesSkiA litling combo of rhythmic piano and soft sax, just ideal for lazy summer days!


FEBRUARY 25, 2022 : Here is my latest offering BartonBelongKa – here is a description : "As it starts with a simple unvarying kick in your ears, the track melds slowly into atmospheric wierdness, transpiling to the beat, again, again, then the mood slows (while the beat goes on, and on) until … listen …" One day I shall learn how to write that sort of flowery gumph a lot better.


JANUARY 5, 2022 : Happy New Year and to celebrate here is a bit of a banger called HellowedPurpleBing! Available on BandCamp for only a quid. Inflation and energy prices are all going up, but my tracks are inflation-proof, so they will stay exactly as they were. Cool.


DECEMBER 8, 2021 A moody, slightly atmospheric piano piece. Different from what I usually do, but the same somehow. Some nice pianoey bits – listen to it a few times, it’ll get nicely lodged in your head!


SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 A nice bouncy one!

ALBUM : Sync Moleskyne Chyno

NOVEMBER 2, 2020 Available from all good, and bad (ie free) music sites - Google it - its eveywhere! All completely sample free, and using Open Source electronic instruments (legally and scrumtiously free!). The "sync" bit means that some fabbo film, TV and influencers can use it for a fat fee! How abut that? Contact my people at CD-Baby.


APRIL 26, 2020 Nice and short, and woefully uncompressed.


FEBRUARY 12, 2020 On a Crunchy tip!


JANUARY 13, 2020 A nice longish one : ClangerTingGo. I promise they’ll get shorter and snappier as the year progresses.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 A bit minimalist, always trying to see if Kompakt might be interested, yer never know.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 A quirky little thing with quite a complex rhythm and a bit of a tune too. Oh, and no intro – straight in! As always, made with Ardour and VCV-Rack, good old open source, free software. I’ve run out of space on Soundcloud, so I thought I’d bung new stuff onto Bandcamp, where people can pay me for me musak. Or just listen to it on one of the myriad ‘devices’ we all have.


FEBRUARY 22, 2019 A minimalist techno thing I’ve created, just for your ol’ lugoles. This is the first of a minimal few that I’ve started on for … ta da! The Incredibly Challenging Third Album! Really, I have one album out on iTunes, Amazon et-ceter-ah, and one on Bandcamp, and where should I bung this ICTA? Maybe I’ll try the new SoundCloud Pro which promises full distribution and all that. Makes little difference, but I do like bunging my stuff Out There occasionally. My teenage self would be very proud, aaah. Anyway, enjoy that one, and keep checking for more tracks!

Moggie Orange

OCTOBER 23, 2018 The only track here to have a decent name.


AUGUST 11, 2018 Yes, 5/4! I think it sounds really quite fab, if you like repetitive piano like I do. Proabably sounds a whole lot better on a CD rather than on SoundCloud and tinny speakers, but it’s pretty much all there nevertheless. As per usual, all done with Ardour, the percussion care of VCV Rack and the bass and strings from the very lovely ZynAddSubFX. Let me know what you think – and hear all my choons at, or the list of latest tunes on the SoundCloud panel on the right of this page under the CD-Baby link, just click on the top track and listen away. Actually, it looks like I might have enough tracks now to start thinking about possibly looking into the idea of … releasing the Difficult Second Album – crikey bobs, it might be a goer – watch this space!


NOVEMBER 3, 2017 From the Album SyncMoleSkyneChyno, here is a carefully crafted video.


NOVEMBER 3, 2017 From the Album SyncMoleSkyneChyno, here is another carefully crafted video.

ALBUM : A Curation of Curious Creatures

AUGUST 3, 2018 A Curation … is an experiment in using stock things – stock sound loops from Apple, a stock black cat via Pixabay and stock video loops from Ignite Motion, all royalty free. All except Magenta Mole, which exclusively uses one ZynAddSubFX synth. All composition is ChintzBaby’s, which is the best bit. Thanks to : Apple, IgniteMotion, Mark McCurry, Harald Hvaal (ZynAddSubFX), Mike Monday, Gerhard Lengeling and Chris Adam (eMagic Logic original developers) and Dan Dennedy (ShotCut). None of whom knows me. Lovely cat from : OpenClipart-Vectors.

Blue Mouse

A video of Blue Mouse from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Green Bear

A video of Green Bear from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Crimson Rabbit

A video of Crimson Rabbit from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Red Monkey

A video of Red Monkey from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Purple Giraffe

A video of Purple Giraffe from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Black Cat

A video of Black Cat from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Violet Vole

A video of Violet Vole from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

White Elephant

A video of White Elephant from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Magenta Mole

A video of Magenta Mole from the album A Curation of Curious Creatures

Some Original Recordings

1991 onwards ... Here are links to my really old stuff, some of which surprises me to this day. I could have been a contender - when I wore a younger man's clothes ...