5th May 2017 – new album out !


I’m gathering all of the stuff needed to bung out an Album very soon – less than a month away!  So far, I have a taster video of one of dem tracks :

I’ve joined the PRS, which is a bit of an ambition of mine (it’s easy to join if you have a hundred quid, but best if you have something for them to collect royalties on, yey!).

And, for another hundred quid or so I’ve paid for distribution to all the usual places – Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc etc, so you won’t be able to move without seeing it somewhere. Oh, and I have a barcode to play with too – so exciting!

I’m also looking at this interesting site :, trying to give some of it a go, starting with getting ‘ChintzBaby’ onto the interwebs, officially. I seem to have bagged my unique name on most of the good ‘uns:

So – what’s the Album called then? You’ll have to wait and see!