What’s the New Album going to be like then?


Well – it’s an experiment…And it sounds just fine for that! I wanted to see if you can create a whole wodge of finished tracks just using the free (royalty free) samples that come with Apple Logic Pro 9.

Just samples. But not in their entirety, snippets thereof to create new tunes from the standard ones mixed nicely together. I think it was an experiment that worked, as you’ll hear.

A long with the New Album, I’ve made some videos (the advice from is to have A Video for each song – even if it’s just the album title as a still picture. Really). So, I’ve gone one step further and created videos, soon to be released on Vimeo/Youtube, that use snippets of royalty free videos (from the good peeps at, just to keep the spirit of the thing going.

For the videos, I use the excellent video editor called ShotCut – this is free and Open Source and works well with my Linux setup.

Anyways – the album is going to be released, via CD Baby to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and loads of other outlets I’ve never heard of, so it’ll be online near you very soon.

5th May 2017, in fact.

And the picture is of my barcode which cost me $20 – and I’m not planning on making many CDs so not very useful, but really nice to have!

More news soon,