Two New Ones from ChintzBaby …


Two new tracks for your lug’oles :

DyrnmicsenAlt by ChintzBaby

Moggie Orange by ChintzBaby

No samples, and all using open-source (free, beer) musak-making software like Ardour, ZynAddSubFX and the insanely bonkers VCV Rack. make && make install and everything.

The Difficult Second album is still in progress with the goal to use no samples whatsoever at all. No, no, no to samples. Really tricky actually, because I really can’t find The Perfect Bass Kick sound to my liking. Googling it (other search engines are available, like Bing) seems to suggest it is Very Hard Work indeed. I do my best though, and the Moggie Orange thing has a speaker-busting bass drum, pity I can’t remember how I did it.

Anyhoos – enjoy the new stuff!

~ cb ~

The Difficult Second Album

Hello Chintz Babies!

Following my last hugely successful ‘first’ album – A Curation of Curious Creatures : still available from CD-Baby, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes – I have begun work on my Difficult Second Album – and, yup, it’s not nearly as easy as recreating that slab of creativity, but here I go.

A Curation … mainly used some samples and wotnot from the Apple Mac I own (old, 2009), this time I’m not using any.

That was the plan, but I think, for one track, there may be samples of pianos, violas, timpani et al. It’s an Ardour ‘General MIDI’ plugin used on my Orchestral Track called OrcharLent.

I must find out who created it, because it does sound just fine.

ardour general midi plugin

And rest, so far, are using more open source (free!) sound sources including the brand new, very exciting, Modular Synth collection called VCV Rack, plus me old stalwart, zynAddSubFX.

So …. here are my latest tunes, let me know what you think!

Inventing names for the tracks is always a tricky thing – ask any Artist – so I’ve attempted to create my own words, which are relatively pronounceable – and show no results on Google. It’s how I came up with ChintzBaby in the first place, an interesting exercise!

And here is a flickery video for Motianicsh:

And another video, we do have to make these things:

Kombazynch by ChintzBaby:

Some of this stuff may end up on the upcoming second thing, what do you think?