A Curation of Curious Creatures by ChintzBaby

Out! Now! A Curation of Curious Creatures! Woooeee!


A Curation of Curious Creatures is Out Now! From CD-Baby, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and more …

A Curation… is an experiment in using stock things – stock sound loops from Apple, a stock black cat via Pixabay and stock video loops from Ignite Motion, all royalty free. All except Magenta Mole, which exclusively uses one ZynAddSubFX synth.

All composition is ChintzBaby’s, which is the best bit.

Thanks to : Apple, IgniteMotion, Mark McCurry, Harald Hvaal (ZynAddSubFX), Mike Monday, Gerhard Lengeling and Chris Adam (eMagic Logic original developers) and Dan Dennedy (ShotCut). None of whom knows me.

Lovely cat from : OpenClipart-Vectors.

A Track Listing:

1. Blue Mouse 3:44
2. Green Bear 5:29
3. Crimson Rabbit 3:53
4. Red Monkey 1:53
5. Purple Giraffe 5:26
6. Black Cat 3:22
7. Violet Vole 3:11
8. White Elephant 3:27
9. Magenta Mole 7:39

… hence the title of the album. I do think, and I would, that there’s something for everyone in this Curation, so have a listen – best place to start is my previous blog post with it all on YouTube.

Here be the outlets from which to purchase : A Curation of Curious Creatures by ChintzBaby :




Apple iTunes
A Curation of Curious Creatures – Chintzbaby


Well, that’s keep you lot going for a bit, it’s all lovely having An Album Out. Now for the next one …



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