ChintzBaby on – wooo!


Following a fascinating article in The Guardian, I discovered a new way of streaming me stuff – based on the super-trendy BlockChain technology (no middle-men, in theory). Yey!

Not sure quite how the blockchain thing works with, because they are indeed middle-men (and men, yes, with beards, oh dear). But it seems to be better for Artistes (like me) and punters (like me and you) alike – more of the punters’ hard-won cash goes to the artiste.

Better than Spotify supposedly – the price of a track goes up the more you listen to it – I’m yet to work out quite why that is good, but it’s another platform for me to be on, so why not, eh?

Any-hoo – here I am on this new streaming service (website based on WordPress, oddly, not built from the ground up), hopefully it will be super-big and I’m in there at the beginning! A DotCom (well, DotIs) startup, can’t go wrong …

Own The Future!

What do we think of it then? Sign up now and get listening! Wooo! 🙂