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Chintzbaby now on YouTube Music!


I’ve just found out that my album has it’s own YouTube Music site – yey!

Have a look at it here : YouTube Music – it looks very stark, just black (lots of it) and white – maybe that’s the general mood about the place these days. Just listen to the tunes and you’ll feel a lot better, I guarantee it!

YouTube Music is Yet Another Streaming Service, which is going to pay me oodles of dosh every time someone listens to my stuff, or downloads it. I really don’t know quite how, as there are no ads on my bit of YouTube Music. But that’s fine by me.

It seems that the tunes have to be “Official Art Tracks” with videos and high-quality audio and an image of the cover art – none of my videos appear to be there yet, but maybe Google (for it is they) haven’t twigged on the connection between my release and my videos! Google, eh?

Anyway – the more Official Sites have my stuff, the better, and it does look good, albeit in monochrome. I may have to start promoting my first album again, or, even better, finish my Difficult Second Album.

You can see and hear the latest tunes on the right hand side of this site (titles explanation here) and it seems I’m running out of free SoundCloud space and may well have to “Go Pro”, as they all say. I need to sell more albums. Or delete some tracks from SoundCloud. Which I really, really don’t want to do, like, ever.

So – go ahead an have a look at GoogleTube’s new music site, and let me know what you think!


~ cb ~