ClangerTingGo Image

New track : ClangerTingGo

Hello ChintzBabies!

Here’s a new one for 2020, a nice longish one : ClangerTingGo. I promise they’ll get shorter and snappier as the year progresses. Really. And I’ll look into making my ‘featured image’ a tad smaller too. Tcha, website maintenance, eh?

Available on Bandcamp for only a quid! Bargain, I’d say.

Here’s an actual link if you can’t see the amazing Bandcamp player there embedded in the page :

Here’s looking to more bonkersness in 2020.  And to see ClangerTingGo come up in google, as it is “Your search – ClangerTingGo – did not match any documents.” at the moment.  Ah, the little pleasures of the modern world.

Keep looking back for the next one, which I’ve no idea what it’ll sound like yet, which is exciting 🙂


~ cb ~