CaesuraRagBlues – new track by ChintzBaby

Hello ChintzBabies!

And here is a new one – it’s a moody, slightly atmospheric piano piece. Different from what I usually do, but the same somehow. Some nice pianoey bits – listen to it a few times, it’ll get nicely lodged in your head!

Buy it now on Bandcamp for only a pound!


~ cb ~


New track from locked-down ChintzBaby HQ – “ArchSaidiam”

Hello ChintzBabies!

How’s it going with you on lockdown – listen to any good musak? Well, here’s the New One From ChintzBaby, nice and short, and woefully uncompressed:

And for those for whom the above Bandcamp Player will not work go here :

Hope you like it! And of course you can support the good cause of ChintzBaby by purchasing said track, or any of the others on Bandcamp : – but only if you like them of course ๐Ÿ™‚

CheersO, and stay safe!



One I had just lying about : DyrnmicsenAlt by ChintzBaby


Just a quick post – I was seeing if I couldn’t upload more of my fabulous tunes to Bandcamp (where people can actually pay for my tracks. And I’ve run out of free SoundCloud space) – and I found this one lurking about and not uploaded anywheres, so here it is :

Oh, I tried to reduce the image size above, but that didn’t work, blinking wordpress, one day I’ll work it out.

Good stuff, carry on,

~ cb ~

post post note : just noticed I have indeed uploaded this before, I googled it, and it’s onย SoundCloud – DyrnmicsenAlt but you can buy it now on BandCamp ๐Ÿ™‚

ClangerTingGo Image

New track : ClangerTingGo

Hello ChintzBabies!

Here’s a new one for 2020, a nice longish one : ClangerTingGo. I promise they’ll get shorter and snappier as the year progresses. Really. And I’ll look into making my ‘featured image’ a tad smaller too. Tcha, website maintenance, eh?

Available on Bandcamp for only a quid! Bargain, I’d say.

Here’s an actual link if you can’t see the amazing Bandcamp player there embedded in the page :

Here’s looking to more bonkersness in 2020.ย  And to see ClangerTingGo come up in google, as it is “Your search – ClangerTingGo – did not match any documents.” at the moment.ย  Ah, the little pleasures of the modern world.

Keep looking back for the next one, which I’ve no idea what it’ll sound like yet, which is exciting ๐Ÿ™‚


~ cb ~


New track released on Bandcamp – TotDrawerIsch!

Hello ChintzBabes,

New track on Bandcamp, its a quirky little thing with quite a complex rhythm and a bit of a tune too.ย  Oh, and no intro – straight in!

As always, made with Ardour and VCV-Rack, good old open source, free software.

I’ve run out of space on Soundcloud, so I thought I’d bung new stuff onto Bandcamp, where people can pay me for me musak.ย  Or just listen to it on one of the myriad ‘devices’ we all have.ย 

On that subject, whenever I hear a new tune I like, gawd blimey if it’s not available on CD these days.ย  How does one listen to stuff in the car?ย  I’m not fiddling with my phone while driving, oh no. How is it done then? With an old car? Answers in the comments section below please ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, enjoy the new track!


Quipatizing by ChintzBaby

Quipatizing by ChintzBaby


New track just in! A minimalist techno thing I’ve created, just for your ol’ lugoles, give it a listen on Bandcamp here :

Quipatizing by ChintzBaby

This is the first of a minimal few that I’ve started on for … ta da! The Incredibly Challenging Third Album!

Really, I have one album out on iTunes, Amazon et-ceter-ah, and one on Bandcamp, and where should I bung this ICTA? Maybe I’ll try the new SoundCloud Pro which promises full distribution and all that.

Makes little difference, but I do like bunging my stuff Out There occasionally. My teenage self would be very proud, aaah.

Anyway, enjoy that one, and keep checking for more tracks!


~ cb ~

New ChintzBaby track – Pianpentaquart

Hello ChintzBabes!

Well, I’ve been in the studio again, and come up with a 5/4 piece.


Yes, 5/4! I think it sounds really quite fab, if you like repetitive piano like I do. Proabably sounds a whole lot better on a CD rather than on SoundCloud and tinny speakers, but it’s pretty much all there nevertheless.

Here’s the SoundCloud link :

And for those with super modern web browsers, it should appear here in SoundCloud format :

A per usual, all done with Ardour, the percussion care of VCV Rack and the bass and strings from the very lovely ZynAddSubFX.

Let me know what you think – and hear all my choons at, or the list of latest tunes on the SoundCloud panel on the right of this page under the CD-Baby link, just click on the top track and listen away.

Actually, it looks like I might have enough tracks now to start thinking about possibly looking into the idea of … releasing the Difficult Second Album – crikey bobs, it might be a goer – watch this space!