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31 October 2020
Copyright © 2020, ChintzBaby

My latest, Difficult Third Album – released on all channels, mostly one’s I’ve not heard of, distributed by CD-Baby (nice name). The Sync bit is meant to entice film and TV makers to use my beautiful music to enhance their productions!

Yes, it’s basically MoleSkyneChyno (see below) released more widely, with extra tracks on it – and ‘cos they are all no-samples-what-so-ever, they can be used in the movies (with my permission, of course, plus some dosh to pay for this expensive web server, my time and the upkeep of the expensive music software I use…).


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MoleSkyneChyno by ChintzBaby

23rd November 2018
Copyright © 2018, ChintzBaby

This latest album is released on Bandcamp! Not available anywhere else, even not on YouTube! Available to buy from Bandcamp, or just listen, that’s very fine too. Enjoy!

If the above Bandcamp player thing isn’t showing above then go to on Bandcamp itself.

I’ve decided to only release it on Bandcamp (where lots of your friends will be buying it) because it really can be a right old faff to do a proper release on other media. I’m interested to see what Bandcamp will do with it too. They seem to be up there with yer iTunes, Amazon et al.

Here is the tracklist and some credits :

MoleSkyneChyno Tracklist and Credits
MoleSkyneChyno Tracklist and Credits


A Curation of Curious Creatures

A Curation of Curious Creatures by ChintzBaby
A Curation of Curious Creatures by ChintzBaby

5th May 2017
Copyright © 2017, ChintzBaby

1. Blue Mouse
2. Green Bear
3. Crimson Rabbit
4. Red Monkey
5. Purple Giraffe
6. Black Cat
7. Violet Vole
8. White Elephant
9. Magenta Mole

A Curation … is an experiment in using stock things – stock sound loops from Apple, a stock black cat via Pixabay and stock video loops from Ignite Motion, all royalty free. All except Magenta Mole, which exclusively uses one ZynAddSubFX synth.

All composition is ChintzBaby’s, which is the best bit.

Thanks to : Apple, IgniteMotion, Mark McCurry, Harald Hvaal (ZynAddSubFX), Mike Monday, Gerhard Lengeling and Chris Adam (eMagic Logic original developers) and Dan Dennedy (ShotCut). None of whom knows me.

Lovely cat from : OpenClipart-Vectors.

And you can download/stream A Curation of Curious Creatures from these lovely people :




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A Curation of Curious Creatures – Chintzbaby


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… and here be some Singles



and here is an Album entitled “The Unreleased EP” (I know …), available at CD-baby!

This is an EP of my fabulous early works – recorded at home in Crawley, Sussex, UK in the early 90’s. They never saw the light of day until now, when I can release it all to the entire world on CD-Baby!

I’m quite proud of these songs, having listened back to them after such a long time, much better than the stuff I’m doing now (not really, just very, very different).

Incidentally, all of the instruments were played/programmed by me, the singing is me and the lyrics are by me, recorded, mixed, produced, engineered and mastered by me – on a 4-track Yamaha cassette recorder 🙂

Hope you like some of it, and let me know.



Also available is an Album called Selector : from day one to the very then : available on CD-Baby now!

This album represents a selector of my life’s work. No, really. Since 1989 I’ve been creating musical dabbles, and these are some of my Greatest Hits from back then.

Mostly electronic, and experimental, though I do try to make it sound musical.